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Recent Discoveries


Here are a few new unique items offered for sale by galaxie 13.  Please use the contact button for more information on a particular item or to arrange a purchase. Shipping costs to be determined by size, weight and buyer location.  TO SEE ALL ITEMS FOR SALE CLICK HERE

1960s Souvenir Hand Painted Turtle Shell 


Here is an odd one...this is a snapping turtle shell with a painted design. This travel souvenir was created on an authentic shell sometime in the 1960's. The shell measures approximately 16.5 from in length and 15" across at the widest point.  The hand painted design shows a ships wheel with the Philippines flag on one side and the United Philippine Lines flag on the other. Below the wheel is the image of the UPL ship Philippine President Quezon.


Price: $50 (Wildwood)

Vintage Household Enamel Wares Sign  


This sign advertises Household Enamel Wares available from Superior Enamel & Stamping Works Ltd of India. The sign measures 12"x18" and features a red, white and black enamel finish over steel. An additional nameplate has been bolted near the bottom edge. This sign originally hung on the exterior of a shop in Calcutta. India. 


Price: $129 (Wildwood) 

Vintage Roadside Diner Sign 9 Feet Long
We found this cool old sign is the California desert town 29 Palms. The sign measures 9.5' long 23" tall and 7" deep. It was originally displayed on the roof of a roadside diner and bar. It is made of metal and was lit with neon when new. The neon is long gone and the front has been painted several times. The last time it was painted green with white lettering that read Cocktails Fine Foods. The white paint has since faded completely off revealing older red lettering that we haven't quite figured out what is says, but would love to hear your guesses! Additional photos coming soon.

Price: $750

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