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Items For Sale


Here are a few of the unique items offered for sale by galaxie 13. Please use the contact button for more information on a particular item or to arrange a purchase. Shipping costs to be determined by size, weight and buyer location.

Adorable Lounging Raccoon Taxidermy Mount 


If you've ever had the chance to stop in our shop in person, one of the first things you'd notice is that we have a soft spot in out heart for taxidermy...and this little guy is no different! Rocky is a raccoon mount posed in a relaxing position on a tree branch. The piece is attached on a wood plaque for easy mounting on a wall. The overall legnth is approximately 2 feet when hanging.


Price: $300 Sorry, this little guy found a new home

Cold War Era Radiation Detection Kit


Cold war flashback alert! Here is an early 1960's Civil Defense geiger counter radiation detection kit. It consists of two Radiological Survey Meters. A Dosimeter charger, a pair of Dosimeter pens, instruction manuals and more. Let's hope you'll never need it...unless the darn Commies drop the bomb...then just Duck and Cover!


Price: $150  Sorry, this item has been sold

Antique Artificial Leg - Hanger Prostheses 


Here's one you won't see everyday...a turn of the century prosthetic leg! This leg was probably manufactured sometime in the early 20th century by Hanger Prostheses company. The Hanger corporation began in 1861 when J.E. Hanger became the first amputee during the Civil War.  Upon returning home after his injury, Hanger constructed his own prosthetic leg and after many requests from other wounded Confederate troops he began the new business venture. The Hanger Company is still in business today. This leg is manufactured out of leather and composition material and has a black leather shoe at the bottom.  Obviously the leg shows a lot of scrapes, scuffs, paint loss and wear from years of use. 


Price: $250 Sorry, this item has been sold


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