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Items For Sale


Here are a few of the unique items offered for sale by galaxie 13. Please use the contact button for more information on a particular item or to arrange a purchase. Shipping costs to be determined by size, weight and buyer location.

Coney Island Fire Truck By Pinto Brothers 


This fire truck was part of a vintage amusement park ride built by the Pinto Brothers of Coney Island. The truck measures approximately five feet in length, just under two feet wide and about 20" tall. It features a metal body over a wood floor. The truck is awaiting your restoration...or enjoy as is. Either way, you'll be the first of your friends to own one!


Price: $500 Sorry, the fire truck has been sold 

Creepy 1930's Smoking Doll


Not sure if this is the right lesson for a child...Smoking is bad for you, but is fine for your doll. Anyway, this odd creature has a cloth body and her face appears to be some sort of composition or paper mache with painted features. The cigarette is original to the piece which makes her become more frightening the longer you think about it!

Price: $100
World War II Trench Art P-38 Lightning


This fabulous piece of trench art was made during the Second World War by a member of the US Armed Forces. It is a candy dish with a removable lid and a P-38 that balances on top. The entire piece is made of spent amunition shells and bullets, with the large pieces dated 1944.

Price: $225 Sorry, this item has been sold

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