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Items For Sale


Here are a few of the unique items offered for sale by galaxie 13.  Please use the contact button for more information on a particular item or to arrange a purchase. Shipping costs to be determined by size, weight and buyer location.

Antique Du Pont Blasting Machine


This Dupont No. 2 Blasting Machine has a wood body with dovetail construction held together with brass screws. The machine measures approximately 10.25" x 7.5" x 5.75" (not including the plunger) and has three brass plaques including nameplate and instructions. The Dupont No. 2 is the model most favored by movie villians with black hats and bushy mustaches as well as coyotes hunting roadrunners.  Being neither a villain nor a coyote, we have not had an opportunity to try the machine but the plunger does seem to opperate correctly.


Price: $550 Sorry, this item has been sold

Vintage Racing Stock Car Door


This is an original door from a late 1930's thru early 1940's Ford sedan that eventually found a second life as a stock car during the 1950's. Unfortunately we do not know the history of ol' number 62 but the door looks fabulous in all its rusty glory hanging on a wall.


Price: $200 Sorry, this item has been sold

Vintage Authentic Human Skull Medical Study


Here is a piece that will not be for everyone, but at galaxie 13 we take pleasure in presenting items that do not really appeal to the masses. Yes, this is an authentic human skull, prepared for use by a medical student back in the 1920's -30's. The skull is in three pieces, the top was removed to access the inside for examination. The lower jaw bone is also a separate piece. There are markings on each portion of the skull, including the inside. We are not sure if the skull is male or female, but the specimen was a geriatric patient. It is legal to own a medically prepared human skull in all 50 states.

Price: $700 Sorry, this item has been sold

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