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Items For Sale


Here are a few of the unique items offered for sale by galaxie 13.  Please use the contact button for more information on a particular item or to arrange a purchase. Shipping costs to be determined by size, weight and buyer location.

Vintage Carnival Game Of Chance Wheel  


This is a vintage carnival game of chance "wheel of fortune" wheel. The wheel measures 35" across and is made of wood. It has been painted several times over the years and shows wear from many years of use in traveling carnivals. The wheel has three areas labeled "Choice of Stand" which would award a player and prize on the corresponding colored stand. If you look closely, there are only three small tabs where a prize could actually be won!  This is a rare piece would make a great conversation piece in any setting.


Price: $150 (Indian River, Melbourne FL)

Vintage Paul Smith Roofing Metal Sign


This sign is another find from our recent trip down South. This hand painted metal sign measures approximately 35"x46" and reads:  Paul Smith Roofing Tin Slate Tile Asphalt Shingle Built Up Roofing Gutter & Downspouts "Estimates Furnished". This unique sign spent years in the sun and rain on the side of a building to develop the wonderful weathered look it now has.


Price: $150 (Wildwood, Lakeland FL)

Vintage Chevrolet Dealership Sign Letters
This is a set of sign letters that came from a Chevy dealership in California. The letters are made of porcelain covered steel and measure 4 feet tall each. The letters have chips on the porcelain finish, some broken welds, wear and light surface rust from decades of being displayed outside on a three story tall sign.

Price: $1200

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